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Cialis Super Active is a new formulation of the erectile commonly known as Cialis. Cialis Super Active is a higher potency formulation of the original Cialis medication. Cialis Super Active is currently a prescription only medication meaning that it requires getting a note from a doctor or medical professional in order to obtain the medicine. The Cialis Super Active medication is available in tablet or pill form. Currently it is available in dosages starting as low as 5mg and then you can find more potent versions of the drug that go 10mg; 20mg. Before trying the most potent versions of Cialis Super Active, it is likely that your doctor will first start you on the lowest possible dose. Upon taking a dosage of Cialis Super Active you may need to wait for at least 30 to 45 minutes in order for the medicine to begin taking effect. The medicine works by promoting the flow of blood to the genital region of the male. The increase in the blood flow in the genital region then results in the male being able to develop a very firm erection that typically has the ability to sustain. Typically an erection induced by Cialis Super Active will last anywhere from 30 minutes up to a few hours. However it is very crucial that the patient realize that if the erection lasts for an extended amount of time that this could be a sign that a problem has taken place. For example if the erection lasts for longer than around 4 hours, you can go to visit the emergency room because this could be a potentially problematic condition. There are a number of very common effects that have been described by the individuals who consume Cialis Super Active. The most common side effects are those related to feelings of fatigue and a little bit of nausea after taking the medicine. Some people have also reported that they have a little bit of a jittery feeling after taking the medicine. Some of the more dangerous side effects that have been reported from taking Cialis Super Active are throwing up, drop in blood pressure, fainting. The lowering in blood pressure is due to the increased blood flow to the genital region and is indicative of a major medical problem.

Cialis super active online price

The price of Cialis Super Active is very different depending on if your insurance is private and through your employer or if your insurance is a public plan. The price of Cialis Super Active can start at a dollar AUD per pill and can go up to a few dollars per pill AUD. It is important to know that some pharmacies offer a discount if you belong to prescription programs that can be free. Also it is important that you always talk with your pharmacist about any other medication you may be taking. Cialis Super Active has been known to contraindicate with certain medications, especially blood thinners. Therefore also make sure that your pharmacist understands all medicines and supplements that you consume. Also, Cialis Super Active can have bad contraindication with certain foods and drinks. It is best to avoid taking any alcohol or consuming any illegal drugs when taking the Cialis Super Active as there could otherwise be complications from mixing.

Lets start by answering the question, what is Cialis?

What is Cialis

Cialis is a medication that treats erectile dysfunction, which is a condition that a man suffers when his penis cannot get and stay erect. This makes it very difficult for the man to engage in intercourse.

It is always important to be careful when taking medication, as there are side effects with any medication that you take. Some of the possible side effects of Cialis include: upset stomach, diarrhea, headaches, flushing (when your face, neck, & chest become warm, and red), flu like symptoms (including stuffy nose, fever, and sore throat), memory problems, back and muscle pain, and nausea. If you experience any of these, you should stop taking the medication and speak with a doctor. These side effects do not arise in everyone that takes the medication, but they are possible side effects for anyone.

Cialis in South Africa

Purchasing Cialis in South Africa is rather simple! You can of course, consult with a doctor for a prescription, but you can also simply order online. You have the option of ordering different doses, such as 20mg or 40 mg. The higher the milligrams, the stronger and longer lasting the medication. The price is approximately 0.25 $ per pill. The delivery of Cialis in South Africa is quite easy too, as it can be shipped directly to your home. Although Cialis is primarily used for erectile dysfunction, there are other purposes for the medication. Cialis can also be called Tadalafil. It can be used to treat symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, or in simple terms, an enlarged prostate. When taking Cialis, you want to be sure to take the medication 2 hours before planning to engage in sexual activity, as it can take some time for the medication to be effective. Cialis can be taken on a full or empty stomach, but if you eat a meal that is high in fat it may deter the effects of the medication. The effects of the medication can last up to 36 hours after taking it. The ideal starting dosage of the medication is 10mg, but if you take this amount and do not notice it working (meaning, you do not get an erection), then high milligram doses are available. Of course you should speak with a doctor first, but research shows Cialis should not be taken with other medications. Another point of Cialis is the relaxing of muscles and increasing blood flow to certain parts of the body, which will in turn allow for an erection. Warning – if you are already taking medication (mainly a nitrate drug) for chest pain or heart problem, Cialis may NOT be the medication for you as it can have adverse effects. You will positively want to speak with your doctor before taking Cialis if you suffer from any of the following: recent heart attack, chest pain, high or low blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, kidney disease, hemophilia (bleeding disorder), stomach ulcer, and more.

Although purchasing Cialis in South Africa is easy, if you have any health concerns at the time of considering taking Cialis, it would be best to see a professional instead of ordering online.

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Millions of men both young and old are suffering from erectile dysfunction in South Africa. It’s nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about, because you are not alone in your experience. Erectile dysfunction is condition that many South Africans are effected by, even some as young as 24 have at some point experienced erectile dysfunction. South Africans will benefit greatly from the drug Viagra used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve your sex life. Life in South Africa can be stressful and with all of the turmoil the last thing on you need on your plate is erectile dysfunction ruining your sex life. Why take that risk? Viagra is the premier drug used to treat erectile dysfunction across the globe and the most popular treatment of erectile dysfunction in South Africa. If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction then you’ll find that your life will be significantly improved by one tablet of Viagra used to help treat your ailment.

Viagra was introduced to the United States becoming the first orally taken medication to treat erectile dysfunction in 1998 after being approved by the FDA. Originally a chemical compound (Sildenafil) discovered to treat a condition known as angina by relaxing the blood vessels lead to the discovery that this compound also had the unintentional side effect of creating erections in people who took the medicines. Viagra is one of the highest selling and most effective tools in the fight against erectile dysfunction in an industry valued at almost 2 billion per year annually. Viagra, without a doubt is the highest selling pill on the market with sales accounting for majority of the global market, including most of the sales in South Africa.

Viagra releases, in the penis, chemicals that causes those muscles to relax in response to sexual stimuli, meaning it’ll work only if you male become sexually aroused and with so many attractive women in South Africa you’ll have one less issue if you’re dealing with ED. So, you might wonder why side effects may occur more if you’re taking a higher dose per day. Side effects include headaches, bloody noses, flushing, upset stomach, and potentially drop in blood pressure. The recommended daily dose is 100 mg a day. Also, the medicine cannot be used with nitrate-based medicines, which is something you might need to consider if you are looking towards a purchasing Viagra. Priapism pain also is a pain erection that can last for several hours, but only occurs with 2 percent of the population. The chance of experience any of these mild side effects are fairly low, but any previous heart or blood vessel condition should be taken into consideration before using this drug.

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Viagra price: online in South Africa

The price of Viagra is often going to run you at about $9.00(USD) a pill if you aren’t buying bulk at, but as low as $2.50(USD) if you are planning on buying it bulk meaning more than 100 pills (which will cost you roughly about $250.00(USD). That translates to roughly 33.82 (ZAR) for a single pill bought in bulk 3382.03 (ZAR) for 100 or if you just want a few around 135 (ZAR) for 10. Many suppliers offer Viagra in South Africa online! Getting it shipped to you from a foreign country may be difficult if you live in South, but there are plenty of online retailers that will ship to for extra shipping fees if you plan on buying it from a foreign seller. All of this is worth taking into consideration purchasing Viagra, but don’t be discourage. If Viagra can work for many South Africans then it can work for you!