Is Cialis addictive? Biggest myth about Cialis

The older men of South Africa have more than likely been introduced to various forms of treatments when it comes to sexual health. In all honesty, I think the sexual health of men is incredibly important. However, it is admittedly something that all of us as men are guilty of neglecting and don’t try to deny it. How many times have you gotten really sick only to stay at home and wait it out? Probably more times than you can count I’m sure but I won’t hold it against you.

There are a large number of viable medications on market today and while that is great it does cause a bit of an issue. The main problem is that all of these medications are in direct competition with each other and misinformation is often spread to paint the medication in question in a bad light. One of the biggest targets is Cialis, as it has a rather long list of myths and has people considering it second-guessing themselves. In this post, I am going to cover the top three myths that have surfaced about Cialis that is just not true.

The first biggest myth about Cialis is that it’s addictive. Many rumors about this have been surfacing as of late to the point that the manufacturer has even released testing results to prove otherwise. Cialis has been tested thousands of times and has been FDA approved for the better half of fifteen years and counting. Why this rumor has gotten so much traction, I don’t think we’ll ever know, but fear not this is a rumor that is absolutely not true.

The next biggest myth that has been spread about Cialis is that it can cause heart attacks. Cialis does not cause heart attacks in the least. In fact, I’ll give you a quick history lesson. Cialis was originally created to treat hypertension and heart ailments. During the clinical trials, the researchers noticed that all the men who took Cialis had noticeably increased blood flow to the penis which created high-quality erections. Instead of considering this a massive failure, they turned the unexpected side effect into a boon! In addition to this, the medication still has heart treating positives.

Another myth that has been surfacing is that you can take Cialis with alcohol. Now there is some truth to this, but medication should never be taken with alcohol. This has become a general rule with all kinds of medication, even aspirin. What happens when you talk alcohol after the consumption of Cialis is that the smooth muscle cells within blood vessel walls are relaxed. If too much alcohol is taken then it can lead to high blood pressure and increased heart rhythm. I think anyone with common sense would know not to do this with any medication let alone Cialis.

Now I understand that with so many sources of information available online how someone can be turned off by things they’ve heard. However, I am happy to do my part and debunk some of these myths that can ruin your chance at a healthier sex life. I will say that you should always consult your doctor to make sure your body is healthy enough for sex and Cialis. When you get the approval, make sure you get yourself a pack and give Cialis a try and reap all the benefits.