Hair Loss in Men: How to fight back against male pattern baldness

Men’s hair loss can be a serious problem for the men in your life. And even some women who might experience the same. It can be self esteem robbing. The ailment is self explanatory. There is no need to have medical testing done because it is an obvious feature on your head. In other words, you can’t miss it, especially if it gets to be your full blown status symbol trademark so to speak. But, if you have it, rest assured many people experience it so it is rather common.

There are some forms of treatments available. But like many other things that happen to us there is basically a lack of a true cure. Many men try things such as hair pieces and even go to the farther range of having hair implants. There is not one treatment that is guaranteed to be especially efficient for all. Most of the time the cause is of the genetic kind. It’s all in your genes. If your ancestors had it, then you might as well.

You might be able to prevent it in some cases. Sugar is one culprit as far as hair loss goes, always limit that kind of thing in your diet for many other reasons as well. Try to avoid it for awhile and see what happens as far as any improvements also. There are massage techniques that are helpful, stimulating the scalp so that the hair follicles can tell your body to grow more hair. But it’s not definite to work. Protein is needed for everyone’s hair growth, and if you lack that in your diet for sure your hair will fall out, even in women. So be sure to include plenty of protein and that could prevent loss of hair. A hair supplement to try is Propecia in der Schweiz, which has the proper nutrients to save the hair or make it grow better. Also when going the nutritional way, you can take Vitamin A to help hair growth. However, if you get too much of Vitamin A it can have adverse reactions so supplementing your diet with just the adequate amount is good. Just refrain from overdoing it.

The older you get the bigger the chances are that you will go more and more bald. Most of the time anyways, but It doesn’t always work that way. There have been cases of premature baldness in individuals in their twenties. In many cases, you can just leave it as is and/or shave your entire head. It will still look attractive to some. There’s actually not much shame in it. And you can always cover it with a hat in some ways if desired. If you are completely self-conscious though, you can go to your doctor and see what types of medications there are to try to remedy the issue. Be careful of schemes and things that might hurt your health rather than help your receding hairline.

As anything else that is afflicting you, the earlier any action is taken the better. So you can try to take some chances with remedies you feel comfortable with as soon as you see the first signs of hair loss before it manifests itself into a full head of hair loss. First signs can include finding lots of hair in your comb or brush while grooming. But,overall don’t beat yourself up if you just can’t find anything to help. Its just not worth being stressed over.



My hair has always been sparse. even when I was in my 20s, people thought that my hair started to fall out and advised me. Although I’m in my 40s now, I managed to protect them without too much shedding. but now I’m extending my hair a little more so that they might fall out.


Therefore, their nutrition has become more important than ever. Now I’m doing research on this. some people recommend care creams while others say they should use serum that is very inadequate. There are very serious differences between the two products.


In my experience, using shampoo is a very economical solution. According to the information in their packaging, there are quite a number of shampoo products that prevent hair loss. so many alternatives are possible. this is an important issue for many people. because not every brand can be found anywhere. Having alternative products is therefore very important. however, one disadvantage of shampoos is that they are very controversial about how successful they are. Many people who use shampoo for hair loss solution do not seem very satisfied with the result. many say shampoo is too inadequate for this problem. my personal experience is this way. Although, shampoos of different brands have different effects, these results are still far from sufficient.


Another solution for hair loss is serum. Serums are a newer solution than shampoos and are much more expensive. However, people who benefit from serums for hair loss seem to have a high rate of immunity. therefore, it seems to be tolerable in a way that the expensive serum. in my experience, serums are a better solution than shampoos. but I can’t say that their performance was very successful considering the costs.

Zac Pearce